Welcome To The Clockworks, Inc.

The Clockworks, Inc., owned and operated by Joseph P. Kuechle, carries a full line of clock parts and tools and specializes in collecting, repairing, and restoring clocks and watches. Many tools can be used by other hobbyists for Model Cars, Model Airplanes, Model Railroads, Model Steam Engines and for Jewelry repairs.

Featured products

SE 5x Magnification Single Lens Clip-On Loopy

Single glass lens loopy. Clip on any kind of template or eyeglasses sideways. Lightweight, hands-free magnification. Magnification: 5X. Lens diameter: 24mm.
$7.00 excl tax

Diamond Gem Stone /Jewelry Cleaning Bottle

Diamond Gem Stone Jewelry Cleaner Bottle allows you to easily clean loose gemstones and diamonds prior to making jewelry. The glass jar features a sturdy plastic screw-on lid. Inside, you will find a steel cylinder with holes to allow the stone cleaner to come into contact with your stones. Just shake the bottle around gently, letting the liquid reach the stones, and remove them when you're done. It is made of sturdy glass. There is also a metal strainer.
$15.00 excl tax